Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept 29: Class Cancelled

Dear Class, 

I am sick, so class is cancelled today. I am very sorry to miss you all today. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL CAREFULLY. Below are instructions for your homework for this week, which includes 1) screening a movie and writing a reflection, 2) doing some research for your final project, and 3) watching a on Premiere Pro. 

1) Complete the homework assignment that was due in class today. Take a picture of it and post it to you your blog. We will return to this assignment next week during an in-class editing workshop. 

2).Watch the 1995 film Sonic Outlaws by Craig Bladwin (click here). It will provide you with some historical precedents for the mash up, give you an idea for the range and scale of what is possible (from a song to a feature length film and more), and give an example of the potential for artworks to push the boundaries of law and politics.  

After viewing the film, please write a short, thoughtful reflection on the film and post it to your blog. Email me the address to your blog if you haven't already. This is due before class next week, and will count as your participation grade for this week. Some things to think about in your response:
  • What is this film about?
  • What tactics is the filmmaker using in the making of this film? How is this similar and/ or different from other films you are familiar?
  • How does this technical approach relate to the conceptual content of the work?
  • Provide a specific example from the film and discuss it.
3) Your final project, which will be due for critique in a few weeks, will be an expansion of the homework assignment from this past week. You will be responsible for mashing-up/ cutting-up two, found sources in order to radically change their meaning. Your final product should be between 2-3 minutes in length. We will go over all of this in more detail in class next week. Please get started by researching your source material. 

For next week, I would like you to identify examples (at least 5) of sources that you would like to change through radical editing. Bring these files and laptops to class. You should choose things that you don't like, disagree with, wish was different, or want to change. Do not choose your favorite things, something you like very much, or something to which you feel close affection. There is much more potential to radically change something to which you have a bit of distance or distain. Consider using old (historical) footage. Speeches and talking heads are good places to start. Don't limit yourself here, gather options. But do not choose movie trailers. 

To edit your project, you will use a process very similar to what you did for homework. You will log, plan, and then edit your work into an edited video project using Adobe Premiere Pro. We will go over this in class, and you will watch a video for homework this week. 

Some very helpful resources:

Internet Archive: HIGHLY SUGGEST using the internet archive to find your source material. It is free and you can very easily download from the hundreds of thousands of moving image files on there. I recommend checking out the "Ephemeral Films" or the "cultural and academic films" sections. 

Download Helper: Download helper is a plug-in for the firefox browser that will help you appropriate video and audio from you-tube like sites. 

3) Watch tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro. We will be working in Premiere Pro next week in class, so I will expect to be already familiar with this platform. Please take good notes. I have attached hand-out guides for you.

Please watch this video:
Premiere Pro CC Essential Training with Ashley Kennedy:

Watch Chapters 1 (Getting to know the Premiere Pro Editing Environment), 2 (A Quick Introduction to the Basic Premiere Pro CC Workflow), and 8 (Basic Audio Editing). This is about an hour and a half of video to watch. We will be applying the techniques in class next week when we start editing in-class. Feel free to get a head start if you want to try it out. Feel free to watch more lessons and become experts.

See you in class next week. And please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. 

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