Monday, September 22, 2014

This Week: Critique!

Congratulations, you made it to your first critique in Studio Concepts! Today, we will spend the entire class looking at the work of your classmates. We will discuss, reflect on, and examine their images, concepts, and technical strategies in a respectful, constructive, critical way.

Next week, we will begin a new unit in which we will spend a few weeks on the Cut-Up/ Mash-Up. We will be working with video, editing techniques, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Please see the "Cut Up/ Mash Up" portion of this site for your homework due in class next week (Sept. 29). You will have some texts (a reading and a website) to study, and an assignment to complete. Be prepared to talk about it all. Bring your computers, with Adobe Premiere Pro installed, next week. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


For homework this week, please prepare your final image for critique. We will spend the entire class looking at, discussing, and forming questions around your work, decisions, and techniques. See the Synthetic Image page for full details. 

Please upload both your .psd file (with layers and all), as well as your flattened .jpg file to our class folder on the server (we will spend the first 5 minutes in class reviewing how to do this). Please name them like this: YourName_Critique1.psd, YourName_Critique1.jpg.

Please also create a blog to which you will upload your final works. You may use whatever platform you like, but I recommend blogger or tumblr. Both are free and very easy to use. Please upload your final .jpg here. Please email me the URL before 11pm Sunday. 

Good luck! See you next week!

Monday, September 8, 2014


This is our class blog. I will be using it to post all relevant information, assignments, and links for our class. Please become familiar with this blog, click around the above menu, and be sure to check it at least once a week.

Each one of you will also create your own blog using blogger, where you will upload all of your final and revised works. These blogs will be linked on "Class Blogs" in the above menu.