Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

We will do a thorough critique of your video cut up/mash up projects, which are due today. Your names will be selected at random to determine order. For this critique, your mini groups from last week will serve as critique facilitators. Because these select members of class have seen and discussed your work with you prior to today, they should make for excellent facilitators. Be sure to talk about the decisions and changes made to the work, and the progress your classmates have made.

Artist Research Assignments
Due: Beginning Nov 3. 
At the end of class, each student will be assigned a contemporary artist to research over the next two weeks. Beginning in two weeks, you will each be responsible for a 10-15 minute presentation about your contemporary artist. The presentation should include:

A brief biography
What their work is about
The cultural and historical context for their work
Why their work is important in this present cultural and historical context
An example of their work that you will present/screen for us and discuss. This example should be represented of their practice as a whole, and you should be able to talk about how it relates to that practice or career. Be prepared to lead a short class discussion about it.

As far as resources, you must turn in a bibliography with at least 5 sources, and at least one of them must be non-internet based (ie: a book or something that has been published in print, or a video or film you watch from the library's collection). Physically go to the library. Use library resources, like ArtStor and Grove Art, which you can access through the library.

Many of the artists (though not all) have Art 21 documentaries or features, which are wonderful resources. I highly encourage you to use this resource. It can count as one of your five sources.

If anybody is unhappy with their artist, please speak to me as soon as possible and we will find you one that you can become excited about spending some time with.

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