Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Today is the last time we will meet before your rough cuts are due. Your rough cuts are due two weeks from today on Monday December 1, 2014. Your final cuts will be due Monday December 8. This is also the final due date for all revised work in this class. No extensions will be given beyond December 8, 2014.

A rough cut is an almost finished assembly of all of the footage you have shot. The purpose of the rough cut is to screen the structure of your piece, as well as all of the footage you have shot. There should be no major holes, but rather only "clean up" work left to do. "Clean up" may include fixing audio, color correction, or reshooting small scenes that need to be reshot (although, ideally, this will have already been done). Additionally, screening rough cuts is an excellent time to ask questions to your classmates about any struggles or clarification you might need or want. While you are away on break, your account may prove very helpful to you.

Next week we will not be meeting because of Thanksgiving break. However, I expect ALL OF YOU to have a viable rough cut upon your return on Monday. Please plan your time, shooting schedule, and editing responsibilities wisely. Your Rough Cut will be worth 33% of your final grade for this project. Please upload an exported version of your rough cut to the server, and bring your Premiere file with you to class on a laptop. If we have extra time, which we may, you will be able to use that time in class to work on your FINAL CUT. 

We will use class time in ways that are most beneficial to you. I know that the last few weeks have gone by very quickly, so I want to make sure that you feel that you have everything you need. Please speak up about what that might be.

Some in-class activies could include:
- Pitching your narrative videos to the class +
- Reviewing your footage
- Reviewing Camera Settings
- Setting Up Lights
- Practicing with Audio Recording
- Reviewing Premiere Pro
- Reviewing different kinds of shots and camera movements
- Screening Rashomon
- Going over readings

NEXT WEEK (November 24, 2014):

FOLLOWING WEEK (December 1, 2014):

WEEK AFTER THAT (December 8, 2014):
All revised work must be posted to your blog by midnight. 

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