Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday November 10, 2014

As a reminder, we will be meeting at a DIFFERENT time and location than normal. We will be meeting from 6pm-10pm at SPARK CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE, located at 1005 East Fayette Street. This is a time AND location change from normal, and from what we talked about it class last week. 

SPARK is a grad-student run alternative arts space, where many students put on exhibitions and art events. It is about a 10 minute walk from Marshall Street, and very easy to find. Walk away from campus on S. Crouse (ther street where Varsity Pizza and Dunkin Donuts is) until you get to East Fayette Street. The building is on the corner of E. Fayette and S. Crouse, and the entrance will be accross the street on Fayette. Please plan adequate time to get there, as we'll be meeting with an upper-level TRM class and the visiting artist.

If for some reason you absolutely cannot make it tomorrow evening, please just be in touch and we will work it out. I also teach another section of TRM 153 Tuesday Mornings 8:30am-12:30pm, which you could attend instead if you cannot make it Monday Night. If that also doesn't work, be in touch.

As a reminder, please bring your printed scripts with you to turn in to me. We will have some time to talk tomorrow evening, but if any of you would like more time-- please do schedule time with me. As a reminder; you will be expected to start shooting your videos this week; and to screen that footage in class next week. 

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